The mandate and services related to the support of best practices in the primary mental health care system are:

  • Support the implementation and continuous improvement of innovative clinical practices according to the MSSS guidelines and orientations of the PASM 2015-2020
  • Participate in the development of clinical and administrative standards of practice in a multidisciplinary environment
  • Identify strategies and support mechanisms for the resolution of organizational and clinical problems
  • Provide coaching to managers and clinical staff
  • Plan, organize and conduct awareness sessions on specific topics

This services are offered to the managers and stakeholders of the adult mental health teams of CSSS in the province of Quebec and to the general practitioners working in the GMF’s and private clinics.

Persons served by the primary mental health care system

People aged 18 and over with:

  • Symptoms giving the impression of the presence of a mental illness
  • a mental illness and signs of instability in their mental status
  • a mental illness whose symptoms are considered controlled, but that requires for a temporary situation the specific expertise from a mental health team.

* These consumers represent almost 82% of the clients with a mental disorder in in a population of 100 000 (1640 people).



Lise Renaud-Gagnon, conseillère, Axe 1ère ligne SM