Bridging the integration of mental health and non-communicable diseases in primary care settings as mutually enhancing perspectives.

This project was conceptualized and pulled together in collaboration with the Representative for Non-Communicable Diseases for the Easern Caribbean Subregion, Dr. Tomo Kanda, based on the rationale that integration of mental health interventions may best be accomplished within the most common clinical presentations of primary care teams, namely common Chronic Diseases.

We first did a series of literature reviews covering the interface between mental health problems and diabetes M, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and HIV, included because it has become a chronic condition with effective management tools. Then we convened a meeting of over 20 local PHC clinicians through PAHO and local Ministries of Health, and held a workshop integrating discussions on the knowledge base, best practices, local best practices, and local issues of integration of mental health interventions.