Development of the mhGAP-Intervention Guide

Description: The Montreal WHO-PAHO-CC has been involved in implementing, testing, and suggesting amendments to the mhGAP-IG tool over this period.

  • We have participated in some meetings to revise these guidelines in the past.
  • We have been asked to send detailed comments back to WHO-HQ regarding our experience with the tool after our projects have been completed.
  • We were invited to give a web-based presentation to a Regional Advisors meeting of our E-based training program during their Annual Meeting in the fall of 2013, which met with considerable interest and success.
  • This fall (2014), we were invited to participate in a special meeting in Geneva to review the mhGAP-IG. We opted to write some detailed comments on our experience and that of the clinicians we have trained, and in collaboration with our PAHO vis-à-vis, these comments were to be represented at the meeting by them. This activity was not completed by the end of the period of this Report.

Strengthening Mental Health Component in Primary Health Care: Collaboration between PAHO and WHO Canadian Collaborating Centers
October 2013, With Jorge Rodriguez, Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) / Regional Office of the World Health Organization; Akwatu Khenti, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), Toronto WHO Collaborating Center; Marc Laporta, Douglas University Institute / McGill University, Montreal WHO Collaborating Center; Stan Kutcher, Dalhousie University, Halifax WHO Collaborating Center

  • Discussion of the current situation of mental health in Latin America and the Caribbean (LA&C), challenges and perspectives. Three successful projects implemented by PAHO and Canadian Collaborating Centers in LA&C were discussed, focused in integrating mental health component into Primary Health Care as a key strategy