The Douglas Institute entry point

The Evaluation-Liaison Module (MEL) responds to requests for psychiatric and professional assessments and consultations for people aged 18 to 64 who are referred by the  CSSS' mental health "guichet d'accès".

The purpose of the MEL is to:

  • Provide support and expert advice in psychiatry to referring doctors
  • Improve access to specialized and superspecialized psychiatry services
  • Optimize the use of internal and external resources at the Douglas Institute

Services provided

  • Professional and psychiatric assessment and consultation
  • Support for referring doctors who work with people with mental health problems (psychosocial and psychiatric recommendations)
  • Referral and liaison service for people with mental health problems who can be directed towards first-line services and community organizations
  • Referrals to specialized or superspecialized services at the Douglas Institute

How is the MEL accessed?

The referring doctor or the referred individual must send a consultation request to the first line mental health team in a CSSS. According to the Mental Health Action Plan, this first line mental health team is now responsible for all initial evaluations. If a patient needs specialized services at the Douglas, it is this CSSS team who sends a request to the MEL.

In the 24 hours following the request, the MEL will contact the patient so that an appointment can be made for a professional assessment. After the assessment, the patient is referred to a psychiatrist or the appropriate.

Responsibilities of the referring doctor

The referring doctor is responsible for providing medical follow-up throughout the process.
However, he or she may consult the MEL at any time if necessary. If someone is referred to one of the Douglas Institute's services, the treating team from the department involved will perform the required psychiatric follow-up. However, the referring doctor remains responsible for the patient's medical follow-up.

Contact information

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