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Clinical Studies
Memory and cognitive control abilities in healthy young and older adults

Principal investigator : Maria Natasha Rajah

Description of the study :

We are looking for young and older adult subjects to participate in a memory study.

We study the Influence of D1 receptor bniding and fMRI activity in lateral prefrontal cortex on memory and cognitive control abilities in healthy young and older adults.

Financial compensations : yes

  • A blood draw will be required for genetic testing to confirm the presence of a specific genotype and questionnaires will be administered to volunteers.
  • A memory task will also be performed during a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanning.
  • Participation includes 3 sessions, two sessions at the laboratory of Natasha Rajah, PhD at the Douglas Institute (2-3 hrs), and the last session at the Montreal Neurological Institute (2 hrs.).
  • Participants will be reimbursed for their time and travel.


Eligibility criteria :

  • Age groups: 18-35 and 60-75 yrs old
  • Education: completed High School
  • Right handed
  • Fully Bilingual: required task is presented in English
  • No history of a major head injury causing a loss of consciousness superior to 1 minute
  • No eye disease
  • No history of mental illness
  • No history of stroke
  • No current use of medication regularly
  • No metals or tattoos in the body
Information :

To participate in the study, please contact :

Renee Gordon
Research coordinator
Phone : 514-761-6131, ext. 2877

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