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Clinical Studies
Circadian Rhythm Disruption in Shift Workers - Experiment 3

Principal investigator : Diane B. Boivin

Description of the study :

Our goal is to investigate the genes that control the biological clock that is responsible of your body temperature, hormone levels, urine production, vigilance, performance, mood, time perception, and sleep organization. The results of this study will help us better understand the underlying mechanisms of the biological clock which may provide useful solutions to some of the problems caused by jet-lag and night-shift work.

Financial compensations : yes

Participants will receive financial compensation for their participation in this study. They will have 1 ambulatory session (2 weeks) and 1 lab visit (4 days – 24hrs/day). They will also visit the lab at various times throughout the screening procedure (duration of these visits vary among participants).

Risks and discomforts

Blood samples, frequent visits, and overnight stays in our research center. For research purposes, participants may be asked to take melatonin that has been approved by Health Canada to treat sleep-wake disorders.


Eligibility criteria :

Men and Women, between 18 and 30. Good sleep quality. No health problems.
Have not travelled across more than 2 time zones in the past 3 months.

Information :

To participate in the study, please contact :

Alexandre Gervais
Phone : Tel: (514) 761-6131, ext. 2439

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