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Clinical Studies
Determinants of adequacy of help with regard to the needs of users with severe mental health problems
Description of the study :

Longitudinal study on the relationship between needs and help needed for recovery.

NB: Even though we are still conducting interviews, we are no longer looking for new participants.

Principal researchers: Marie-Josée Fleury, PhD and Jacques Tremblay, MD

This study aims to bring about a better understanding of the relationship between users’ needs and the help they receive as part of an effort to enhance their chances for recovery and integration within the community. Several factors that affect this relationship between needs and help will be examined, including socio-demographic, economic, clinical, psychological, and environmental factors. The study will answer the following questions:

  • What are the conditions that allow users to attain, maintain or restore an acceptable level of social independence and quality of life?
  • What are the key factors at play in users' recovery?

The study is primarily focused on the perspectives of users, whose point of view has too often been neglected in assessments of the help and services they need. In this study, their participation in the needs-evaluation process is viewed as a key enabling factor in their recovery.

Financial compensations : yes

Participants in the study must:

  • Take part in 2 interviews, twice a year, at one-week intervals, over a 3-year period (for a total of 6 interviews)
  • Each interview will last a maximum of approximately 1.5 hours (including a short break)

Clinical data and service-use data will also be compiled. A short questionnaire will be completed by the primary care provider as identified by the user.

Please give your name, phone number, and email address and let us know when is the best time to reach you. Alice Landry will contact you as soon as possible.

  • Users will be followed over a 3-year period. In each year, they will have an opportunity to state their needs, assess the relevance of the help they receive, and discuss what matters most to them with regard to their recovery process
  • The study will help assess users' appreciation of the scope and quality of the help they receive
  • Finally, the study aims to identify the key success factors that help keep users in the community and that contribute to their recovery
Eligibility criteria :

To participate in the study, users must:

  • Have a mental health problem
  • Be between 18 and 65 years of age
  • Live in the areas serviced by the Douglas
Information :

To participate in the study, please contact :

Alice Landry
Research Project Coordinator
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