The Douglas listens!

For the Douglas Institute, citizen participation in major projects is essential. Contributions by citizens, business people and community groups will enhance deliberations on our infrastructure development project.

The Douglas Institute Good Neighbour Committee

The goal is to create a forum for discussion with citizens to increase understanding of projects and their impact in the sector. Founded on the values of openness, mutual respect and trust, the Good Neighbour Committee will meet twice a year. Citizens, business people and community groups can share their concerns, ask questions and propose solutions in relation to Institute projects, like infrastructure development.

Who can attend the meetings?

All Committee meetings are open to the public; therefore a person will not need to be a member to attend. However, members will hold a special place at the table and be given priority during question and answer periods.
Please note that Committee members will be chosen during the first meeting on Tuesday, December 3, 2013.

Meeting schedule

Members of the Good Neighbour Committee meet twice a year at Douglas Hall.



Étude de préfaisabilité - Addendum complet final (mai 2012)
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Étude de préfaisabilité - Rapport final (mai 2009)
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