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Do I have to provide a minimum number of available hours?

Yes, you must be available 2 days per week. An availability form acts as a contract between the employer and the employee. The employee may modify his or her availability once every 30-day period by sending a written notice 7 days before the end of the period.

Exception: Student employees are authorized to change their contracts as often as necessary if they advise the Replacement Centre far enough in advance. Students must provide formal documentation that they attend school (e.g.: schedule, transcript, receipt for school fees).

May I work overtime for the Replacement Centre?

Yes, you may perform overtime throughout the year, particularly during the summer vacation season.

Are there more opportunities for work during certain times?

Periods when employees are more likely to take vacation are definitely times when the Replacement Centre has more job offers (e.g.: summer, end of year).

Do I have a right to take vacation even if I work for the Replacement Centre?

Each case is considered individually, but as a general rule, it is possible to take four weeks of vacation spread out over two posting periods (summer/winter).

How can I reach the Replacement Centre?

We would be happy to respond to any other questions you will send us by email to listederappel@douglas.mcgill.ca or by phone at 514-761-6131, ext. 3742

May I be on the recall list under different job titles?

Yes; you must submit a request to the Replacement Centre for any additional job titles. If the request is accepted, an orientation will be planned and the new job title will be added to the contract.