Privacy policy with regard to the collection and use of personal information on the Douglas Web site


The Douglas Mental Health University Institute is seriously committed to the protection of your privacy.

The Douglas wants to ensure that you are well informed about our privacy policy with regard to the collection and use of all personal information that you provide to us.

It is important that you read this policy carefully and understand it before sharing personal information on this Web site.


In accordance with the Code for the Protection of Personal Information established by the Canadian Standards Association, the Douglas is committed to applying the following 10 principles:

1- Accountability
All departments of the Hospital, the Research Centre and the Foundation are responsible for implementing the principles of this policy, particularly departments that collect personal data via the Institute’s Web site.

The Communications and Public Affairs Directorate (CPAD) is responsible for ensuring compliance with the principles of this policy.

2- Identifying purposes
The Douglas shall determine the purposes for which personal information may be collected before or at the time of collection.

Any personal information collected shall be used only for the purposes so determined except in situations subject to the law or for a new use consented to by the person concerned.

In general, the Douglas collects personal information in the context of:

  • donations
  • event registrations
  • distribution of newsletters, invitations, current events, invitations, etc.
  • application forms (employment or volunteer work)
  • purchases
  • satisfaction and evaluation surveys

3- Consent
The Douglas shall inform all individuals of the collection, use or disclosure of their personal information and shall always obtain their consent.

4- Limiting collection
The Douglas shall collect only the personal information necessary for the purposes determined. It will specify, whenever required, whether a request for personal information is mandatory or optional in nature and will indicate the consequences of the person’s accepting or refusing to provide one or more pieces of information.

5- Limiting use, disclosure and retention
The Douglas shall under no circumstances use or disclose personal information for any purpose other than that for which it was collected unless the person concerned authorizes it or if the law so requires. Personal information shall be retained for as long as necessary for the attainment of the stated purposes.

6- Accuracy
The Douglas shall ensure that all personal information is exact, complete and up to date at the moment it is used. Anyone may contribute to the accuracy of information by communicating any changes to be made to the CPAD.

7- Safeguards
All personal information is protected by security measures that are appropriate for the circumstances.

8- Openness
The Douglas shall make its privacy policy with regard to the collection and use of personal information accessible to the public. Anyone may consult the policy on the Web site or obtain a copy by contacting the CPAD.

9- Individual access
The Douglas shall inform any person who so requests of the existence of personal information related to him or her and of the use that is made of this information. The Douglas shall allow any such person to access this information and make any necessary corrections by contacting the CPAD.

10 – Challenging compliance
The Douglas shall receive and process every complaint from anyone relating to the implementation of this policy. All such complaints must be sent to the CPAD.

Communications and Public Affairs Directorate
Tel.: 514 761-6131, ext. 2769 or 2770

Douglas Institute
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Note: The Douglas reserves the right to make modifications to this policy.