The Douglas is a world-class Institute, affiliated with McGill University, which treats people suffering from mental illness and offers them hope and cure. Its teams of specialists and researchers continually advance scientific knowledge, integrate it into patient care, and share it with the community to increase awareness and thereby eliminate stigma around mental illness.

The Douglas Institute website contains information about its activities as a mental health hospital and Research Centre. It also provides resources and information related to mental health. This website is dedicated to the general public and to clinicians and scientists in the health and mental health fields.

The content of this website strictly informative in nature and in no way replaces diagnosis, assessment, consultation, treatment, or follow-up that can only be provided by a health professional. For help or information regarding personal mental health problems, we invite you to consult your doctor, or go to the “accueil psychosocial” (entry point) at your CLSC. In the case of a crisis or emergency, you may go to the emergency room of the nearest hospital, to the Douglas Institute emergency or in a community crisis centre. The Douglas Institute will not be held accountable if the application of the information by the user yields negative consequences.

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