Promoting Mental Health in Indigenous Populations

The Montreal-CC was invited by the PAHO to participate in this unique project involving the Government of Nunavut, Canada, and the Ministries of Health of Chile, Argentina, Guatemala and Brazil, and funded by Health Canada.

The proposal has four foci: 1. Develop an exchange of experiences among participating countries. 2. Discuss topics related to mental health promotion, including suicide prevention and initiatives with young people. 3. Adapt and validate a training on mental health in PHC (instrument and methodology of WHO, mhGAP) in Nunavut. 4. Publication and dissemination of experiences e information.

Phase I of the project was held in Chile in October 2014, It was an occasion to tackle objectives 1 and 2, and comprised an extended set of extremely rich exchanges on ideas and practices among aboriginal populations of mental health practices.
Phase II will take place in 2015.