The lab uses functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to study the neural bases of human emotional processing.

The lab's members look at how the detection of environmental stimuli (that signal impending danger) may interact with other brain processes, such as attention, memory and awareness.

This research should be particularly relevant for the understanding of certain anxiety disorders, especially PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Research Projects

  • Neural bases of emotion-attention interactions in humans
    J. Armony
  • A neurocognitive investigation of the recovery process in PTSD
    J. Armony, A. Brunet
  • Perception of emotional non-speech vocalizations
    J. Armony, P. Belin, S. Fecteau
  • Influence of emotional expression on memory for faces
    J. Armony, M. Lepage, K. Sergerie
  • Processing of “unseen” emotional stimuli in hemispherectomized patients
    J. Armony, S. Leh, A. Ptito
  • Computational models of emotion
    J. Armony, E. Law, D. Precup


Undergraduate student
Jen Barrett, PhD

Graduate Student
Erin Dickie

Sandra Leh, MSc

Karine Sergerie, MSc
Other lab: Laboratory of Martin Lepage, PhD

Undergraduate student
Caroline Chochol

Karin Pietruska

Research staff
Rina Zelmann