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Advice for parents

How do I enforce punishment to children with ADHD without affecting their self-esteem?

Children with ADHD need discipline and a structured environment. At the same time, parents have to encourage them and help reinforce their self-esteem.
Ridha Joober, MD, PhD. and Natalie Grizenko, MD, 2008

How can I explain ADHD to my child?

There is no one way to do this. The answer to this question will depend on each child and the child's psychological characteristics.

Ridha Joober, MD, PhD. and Natalie Grizenko, MD, 2008

What should I do with a 15-year-old teenager who refuses to take medication?

You need to find out the reason for the refusal and encourage the teenager to discuss the problem with a doctor or other health care worker.

Ridha Joober, MD, PhD. and Natalie Grizenko, MD, 2008

How can parents learn to help their child with ADHD and oppositional disorder?

What they first need is a lot of good documentation. There are also very good Web sites available, such as the site of CADDRA (Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance). Dr. Annick Vincent from Quebec also has a very good site on ADHD. Good educational books are also available, as are the treatment programs we offer here at the Douglas on Saturdays. These programs provide children with physical activities and social skills training and parents with parenting skills training.
-Ridha Joober, MD, PhD, Mini-Psych School 2010

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