There is a need to bring ‘la francophonie’, representing 80 states, and 900 million people, to revise, adapt, and amend various aspects of the ICD. The Montreal WHO-PAHO-CC has set up collaborations with several other francophone WHO CCs on the lines: coordinating Expert revisions of diagnostic guidelines translated into French

  1. Promotion of the francophone participation to the Global Clinical Practice Network (GCPN – ‘Réseau Mondial de Pratique Clinique’ in Fr).
  2. Translation of related WHO documents. Materials will have to be translated and re-read for materials (guidelines, vignettes, questions) for each of the diagnostic categories.
  3. Setup of on-line clinical studies to test the nomenclature
  4. translation of field trials

The Montreal WHO-PAHO-CC is involved in the 3 first of these lines.