Service user input into the ICD revision

Contextual factors

The Montreal WHO-PAHO-CC has endeavored, together with collaborators, to bring to bear on the ICD revision the input of service users, and of carers. This theme is developing along 2 main lines: (1) Integrating psychosocial contextual factors into the diagnostic act in mental health; and (2) francophone expert users' input into the re-reading of the guidelines for psychotic disorders, with regards in particular to reducing stigmatizing usage.
Collaborators on these themes include the CCOMS-Lille (France), researchers from the Institut Universitaire en Santé Mentale de Montréal, the Institut Universitaire en santé mentale de Québec, and the Université de Sherbrooke.

Both protocols will be submitted to the Field Study Coordination Group (which proposes clinical studies to test new proposals for the ICD).

For both projects, meetings have taken place with the CCOMS of Lille and other players in Montreal in November 2012, in Casablanca in June 2013, in Lille in August of 2013, in Lille again in January 2014, and in Montreal in the fall of 2014. These meetings have included various members of the WHO task force on the ICD revision, and involved developing methodologies to bring to bear our contributions. WHOCCs and related francophone country involvement include: Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Morocco, and Francophone experts from Lebanon, Syria, Tunisia, Algeria and Mauritania.
Work is advancing well on these fronts.