Your data at your fingertips

The Data Management Unit (DMU) was established in 2003 to help members of the Douglas Institute's Research Centre conduct and manage surveys and investigations.

The DMU provides researchers, clinicians, practitioners and administrators with a data management tool that is secure, efficient, flexible and fast.


The DMU provides the following services:

  • Online survey questionnaires and assessment instruments formatting
  • Paper questionnaires formatting
  • Data entry
  • Database exporting in over 30 formats (xls, dat, txt, sav, mdb, etc.)

The DMU may also help with:

  • Online research participant recruitment
  • Online course and seminar registrations
  • Program, training or conference evaluation

How it works

Contact us for an appointment. The first meeting will allow us to:

  1. Analyze your needs
  2. Choose a format for data collection

Following this meeting, the DMU will be able to:

  1. Produce a questionnaire in the required format
  2. Post the questionnaire online (or on paper)
  3. Save the data in the format of your choice
  4. Send you the data file

The DMU ensures that all data collected is kept confidential. The DMU does not offer data processing.


Serge Charlebois
Computer Consultant and DMU Manager
Tel.: 514-761-6131, ext. 3336

Anne Crocker, PhD
Researcher and Associate Director, Policy and Knowledge Exchange
Douglas Institute Research Centre
Tel.: 514-761-6131, ext. 3361