The Attention, Behaviour and Sleep (ABS) Lab is a multidisciplinary unit combining behavioural, psychological, genetic, and physiological methods to study the interplay between sleep and the development of children.

Sleep is not an isolated phenomenon. The neurobiology underlying sleep regulation overlaps with other systems that regulate affect, attention, and behaviour. Disruption of these systems early in life can have a major impact on the developmental processes and can lead to behavioural problems. The ABS lab seeks to further our knowledge about this impact.

The ABS lab uses empirical basic and clinical research to:

  • document and explain sleep problems
  • examine the effects of intervention tools
  • document how sleep affects daytime functioning, including attention span

A better understanding of how sleep, attention, and behaviour interact will lead to the development of innovative approaches for preventing and treating psychiatric problems in children.


Douglas Institute
ABS Laboratory
Bond Pavilion, Room Z-1139
6875 LaSalle Boulevard
Montreal, Quebec H4H 1R3

Sleep and Attention Team
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Sleep to Remember Team
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Sleep for Success Team
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Healthy Eating in Childhood Team
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