Patients who receive care at a mental health centre have very specific rights that are clearly defined by law. The Code of Ethics governs patient rights and responsibilities as well as staff conduct and practices.

Code of Ethics

"The simplest of rules is also the best: do as you wish to be done by."

The Code of Ethics governs the rights and responsibilities of patients as well as the practices and conduct of personnel.
Approved by the Douglas Hospital Board of Directors, it is published by the Douglas Office of the Director General in association with the Local Commissioner (ombudsman) and Beneficiaries' Committee.

The first document concerning patients' rights and responsibilities was adopted in 1977. It was subject to revisions in 1991, 1996, 1998 and 2005 and is currently titled "Code of Ethics".

To obtain a copy

For patients, families and friends: contact the Users' Committee
For staff: contact the Human Resources Directorate.
Download the PDF version of the Code of Ethics.
Download the addition to the code of Ethics in effect at the establishment - End-of-life care.

Lodge a complaint

Patients who believe that their rights have not been respected by a health care centre may decide to lodge a complaint directly with the Local Commissioner, who will review the complaint and support patients in any process they may undertake.

Information, advice and support

For information, advice and support regarding their rights, patients may call the Users’ Committee. This committee can help in various ways, for example, by helping patients find a lawyer, having them accompanied during a doctor's consultation, or assisting them in formulating a complaint.

As for the Clinical Ethics Committee, it answers general ethics issues and advises clinical teams.