Founded in 1955, the Users' Committee is an effective advocate for patient's (also called beneficiary or user) rights.

Who are the "users" of the Douglas Institute?

A user is any person who has received services from the Douglas Institute, irrespective of the nature or frequency of these services, within a period not exceeding 60 months.

Legal representatives of users of the Douglas Institute may also participate in and also elect the members of the Users' Committee.

These persons are:

  • The holder of parental authority of a user who is a minor, or the user's tutor
  • The curator, tutor, spouse, or close relative of a user of full age under legal incapacity
  • An authorized person mandated by the incapable user of full age before the persons' incapacity
  • A person proving he has a special interest in the user of full age under legal incapacity

Functions of the Users' Committee

  • Inform users of their rights and responsibilities
  • Foster the improvement of the quality of the living conditions of the users and assess their level of satisfaction about the services they receive
  • Defend the rights and the interests of users, or at the request of the user, the rights and the interests as a user before the institution or any competent authority
  • Accompany and assist a user, on request, in any action undertaken (as a user), including filing a complaint before the hospital Local Commissioner (ombudsman) (first recourse) or the protector of users (second recourse)

The Residents' Committee

The Residents’ Committee is composed of people who are elected by the residents. It provides information about the users' rights and ensures they are respected at all times. The Residents' Committee is dedicated to improving your quality of life in relation to:

  • meals
  • hygiene
  • quality of care
  • professional services
  • activities


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