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Top ten myths about mental illness: 2009 lecture by Joseph Rochford, Ph.D- Part 1

Joseph Rochford, PhD, Director of Academic Affairs of the Research Centre, at the Douglas Institute, talks about popular preconceived ideas about mental illness in this 2009 Mini-Psych school lecture :

  • Mental illness is a single, rare disorder
  • The mentally ill are insane
  • If you are diagnosed with a mental illness, kiss your chances of a brilliant career goodbye
  • The mentally ill are more violent
  • Mental illnesses are not true medical illnesses like heart disease and diabetes
  • If mental illnesses are biological, then psychotherapy is useless
  • If you have a gene that have been associated with a mental illness, you are condemned to experience it
  • The mentally ill are weak or lazy
  • People with a mental illness never get better

Part 1 of 2. Watch Part 2 of Joseph Rochford's lecture.

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