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Good Neighbour Committee

What is the Good Neighbour Committee's mandate?

The Good Neighbour Committee is a discussion and interaction platform to establish a dialogue between the Douglas and the community.

As progress is made in the Douglas Institute’s projects, the Committee's role will change from providing information to acting in an advisory capacity.

What is the Good Neighbour Committee's goal?

Create a climate of trust between the Douglas Institute and the Verdun community (particularly the Douglas Institute's direct neighbours) so that members of the community can voice its opinion about our different projects and activities.

How will the committee impact decision making at the Douglas Institute?

The Douglas Institute wants to listen to the concerns of members of the community and its neighbourhood and answer their questions. All suggestions will be evaluated by the Douglas. In relation to the modernization project, the OCPM will establish a framework for subsequent public consultations.

Do we need to be a member to attend the Committee's meetings?

You do not need to be a member of the Good Neighbour Committee to attend meetings; however, members will have a seat at the discussion table and their questions will be given priority.

How often will the Good Neighbour Committee meet?

For the moment, meetings will be held twice a year. This frequency may change based on needs.

Does the Douglas have a legal obligation to consult the public about its modernization project?

The Office de consultation publique de Montréal (OCPM) could hold public consultations once the project for the new hospital has been approved. In the meantime, the Douglas Institute has taken the initiative to set up a Good Neighbour Committee to create a discussion and interaction platform with the community about our various activities.

Are there any tasks that have to be done in between meetings?

The agenda is distributed one week before each Committee meeting. In between meetings, documents will be posted on the Committee’s webpage for consultation: douglas.qc.ca/page/good-neighbours

What items of business will be discussed at the meetings?

Each Committee meeting will address new developments at the Douglas, activities for the coming months, as well as progress in the modernization project. There will also be a review of the previous meeting, and each meeting will end with a discussion period.

Who are the Committee members?

The members of the Good Neighbour Committee are Verdun residents along with Douglas Institute users and employees. Everyone participates on a volunteer basis. To join the Committee, please call or email Anne Quirion, Communications Advisor; Phone: 514-761-6131, extension 2717

Do we need to wait for the meetings  to share our comments or ask questions?

No, you can share your comments or ask questions at any time by calling or emailing Anne Quirion, Communications Advisor. Phone: 514-761-6131, extension 2717

Where can we find information about the project?

All relevant information (studies and research commissioned by the Douglas Institute or used as a reference for the project) is available from the Committee’s webpage: douglas.qc.ca/page/good-neighbours