The Intensive Intervention Program provides diagnostic and super specialized services in mental health to youth aged 13 to 17 years who do not adequately respond to treatment.
This program aims at helping adolescents recover and transition back to their home while maintaining optimal functioning.

Stearns Inpatient Unit

The Stearns Inpatient Unit is designed for adolescents suffering from an eating disorder, mood disorder, anxiety disorder or severe psychosis and who must be hospitalized due to a serious impairment in functioning.

The unit can receive 15 patients.

Services provided:

  • Interdisciplinary treatment
  • Intensive psychiatric assessment and follow-up for maximum recovery
  • Individual and family therapy centred on returning youths to their normal environments by educating them on their disease and helping them identify strategies that promote recovery
  • Milieu therapy that incorporates customized academic activities that allow patients to regain optimal functioning
  • Support and liaison with staff from the school and community network

Contact us
Douglas Institute, Stearns Pavilion
Phone: 514-761-6131, ext. 2120 or 2124

Day Hospital

The Day Hospital is for adolescents who present with psychiatric disorders such as psychosis, mood disorders, severe anxiety disorders, or eating disorders and who have not responded to outpatient therapeutic approaches either at the Day Hospital or in the community.

The Day Hospital offers semi-intensive and personalized treatment for adolescents and their families in a welcoming and normalizing environment and promotes the transition between the hospital and community.

It offers a full range of bilingual superspecialized psychiatric services, including:

  • Assessment diagnoses by a multidisciplinary team
  • Individual, family and group therapy
  • Pharmacotherapy (if required)
  • Support for adolescents and their families
  • Personalized school program
  • Reintegration into the community

The Day Hospital can receive up to 15 patients.

A specialized team
The treatment team consists of a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a nurse, two educators, a social worker, an occupational therapist, a nutritionist and two teachers.

Accessing the program
Access to these services requires a medical referral.

Contact information and program hours
Douglas Institute
Burland Pavilion
6875 LaSalle Boulevard
Montreal, Quebec H4H 1R3

Phone: 514-761-6131, ext. 3086

Monday to Friday: 8:45 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.

Outpatient Clinic

The Outpatient Clinic receives adolescents who have been treated at the Stearns Inpatient Unit and helps them make the transition to community services.

Services provided:

  • Individual therapy with a psychologist, human relations agent or psychiatrist
  • Consultation-liaison and knowledge transfer for school staff and community mental health workers who will provide subsequent follow-up