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David P. Laplante, PhD

Research Associate, Douglas Institute Research Centre



Cao-Lei L., Dancause K. N., Elgbeili G., Massart R., Szyf M., Liu A., Laplante D., King S. (2015). DNA methylation mediates the impact of exposure to prenatal maternal stress on BMI and central adiposity in children at age 13(1/2) years: Project Ice Storm, Epigenetics, 10(8), 749-61. Find out more.

Cao-Lei L., Elgbeili G., Massart R., Laplante D., Szyf M., King S. (2015). Pregnant women's cognitive appraisal of a natural disaster affects DNA methylation in their children 13 years later: Project Ice Storm, Transl Psychiatry, 5, e515. Find out more.

Dancause K. N., Laplante D., Hart K. J., O'Hara M. W., Elgbeili G., Brunet A., King S. (2015). Prenatal stress due to a natural disaster predicts adiposity in childhood: the Iowa Flood Study, J Obes, 2015, 570541. Find out more.

King S., Kildea S., Austin M. P., Brunet A., Cobham V. E., Dawson P. A., Harris M., Hurrion E. M., Laplante D., McDermott B. M., McIntyre H. D., O'Hara M. W., Schmitz N., Stapleton H., Tracy S. K., Vaillancourt C., Dancause K. N., Kruske S., Reilly N., Shoo L., Simcock G., Turcotte-Tremblay A. M., Yong Ping E. (2015). QF2011: a protocol to study the effects of the Queensland flood on pregnant women, their pregnancies, and their children's early development, BMC Pregnancy Childbirth, 15(1), 109. Find out more.

King S., Laplante D. (2015). Using natural disasters to study prenatal maternal stress in humans, Adv Neurobiol, 10, 285-313. Find out more.

St-Hilaire A., Steiger H., Liu A., Laplante D., Thaler L., Magill T., King S. (2015). A prospective study of effects of prenatal maternal stress on later eating-disorder manifestations in affected offspring: Preliminary indications based on the project ice storm cohort, Int J Eat Disord, 48(5), 512-6. Find out more.

Veru F., Dancause K., Laplante D., King S., Luheshi G. (2015). Prenatal maternal stress predicts reductions in CD4+ lymphocytes, increases in innate-derived cytokines, and a Th2 shift in adolescents: Project Ice Storm, Physiol Behav, 144, 137-45. Find out more.

Yong Ping E., Laplante D., Elgbeili G., Hillerer K. M., Brunet A., O'Hara M. W., King S. (2015). Prenatal maternal stress predicts stress reactivity at 2(1/2) years of age: the Iowa Flood Study, Psychoneuroendocrinology, 56, 62-78. Find out more.

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